Monday, October 24, 2016

Oh That Time is coming around again!

Well here we are once again
at that time of year when we get busy creating
for Christmas
as I have been here
creating some Christmas Angel Ornaments like these:



as well as some Angel cards like this one.
(Image transfer which has been sealed!)


 Also sets of smaller Angel cards
like this set of two and




and this is another set of two:


Such beautiful images to work with
so inspiring and uplifting. 

These are just some I have completed -
more to show soon
but already they are disappearing from my

I will share more soon!
For now,
Love and bless you for always coming to look here
even when I haven't posted for a while!!!

Have a wonderful week!

xox Suzy 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 27 Love and Lace Hearts

Hello again dear bloggers!
I know I shared a couple of  Birthday hearts I created
about two months ago here
  with you for
but because I have had more requests to create these for sale
today I am sharing these with you too!


These are pocket hearts created from the softest recycled
vintage lace blouses 


 along with some beautiful antique lace, ribbon
doilies as well as new net laces also.


 The pockets hold a lovely image behind which contain


 a brown card tag ready for writing a message,

a wish or a greeting to someone you hold special 
in your life. 




I call them "Love and Lace hearts of Yesteryear"!

They have an air of romanticism, sweetness 


 and old love!


They were placed in my Etsy Shop

but the only one left for sale now is the heart on
the right side of this picture below!
( Sorry but this has now sold!!!)

Now if you go to Wendy's blog by clicking on the above link


 You will see many beautiful images of all things neutral inc.
creations, art, collages, architecture etc.

Enjoy this little bit of yesteryear love from me!!
Thank you so much for always coming to visit and
for your kind comments!

xox Suzy

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Studio Tour from Suziqusthreadworks

Welcome dear Bloggers - new and old
to the party of the year
 dear Karen Valentine

As many of you know I have very recently downsized
from a beautiful country property to a suburban
house block on a very beautiful lake
on the far south coast of Australia  

where our old world rambling rose garden has now been
replaced with the most amazing water bird life!

Imagine this beautiful pair of black swans
coming to visit at the bottom of your garden?

So these images can show you how to set up a studio
even in a small room utilizing every bit of available space. 

Many of you already know that I am a mixed media
fabric and textile artist with a passion for
creating books, collages, cards, bags,  aassemblages
in fact any project which involves creating with fabric,
textiles, paper, card, images, found objects etc.

These are just some examples of more recent journals
and journal pages as well as some other collages and artworks which I have created.











This last fabric and lace book is one which I teach on-line
through Creative Workshops and the link to it is:
where you can join at a 50% discount for the whole of
the month of July. 
(This project was filmed by Jesse Rowan of Lace Age Girl and Jesse is
also participating in this party so you can see her creative space on her blog).

This is my creative sanctury in its new downsized form


as you enter the door. 
I really can't believe I've managed to pull this altogether 
in just a matter of a few weeks!!!!
Every day I'm still looking for things I can't find!

My desk is to the left in the corner where I do all of my
computer work. 


Some inspirational pieces on my desk include these:


My sewing table is at the window and a few items 
around my table there.



My beautiful Santos cage doll sits in the corner of my large table



surrounded by these items close at hand.




(Felting machine on this table!)

My table holds boxes and containers for stamps pads, inks, pastels,
findings and the shelves above carry the stamps, paints, cards, images, laces, embellishments, postcards and ephemera. 

The shelves to the right contain baskets of 
antique and vintage laces, organzas, 
bamboo cottons, doilies, linens,
napkins and vintage


This is an example of how I use (so sparingly)
some of these precious laces and often
only if they are tattered or torn etc.


More shelves display cabinet card albums,


inspirational little books, locks and milinary pieces,


with a few of my journals in the corner.


More inspirational pieces and some gifted artworks by
blogging friends

like these beautiful vintage bobbins and keys


 The top of this dresser holds an old printer's tray,
some old frames and vintage hats. 


To the side of this is a beautiful old chinese cabinet
holding bibs and bobs
and adorned with a vignette of dolls, containers, vintage
stamps and buttons.



a gifted snippet roll over one of my collages.

Behind the door is a black lace collaged assembly
with a selection of vintage black laces over the top.


This is where I store more doilies, vintage fabrics, felt,
upholstery fabrics, vintage laces, jars of buttons,
sari ribbons, scrim, seam binding, my pearl
button box and a hanging selection of
my favourite vintage lace collars,
 cotton night gowns
and dresses.





And in case you may be wondering where my fabric stash is kept -
well that is just around the corner in a huge linen cupboard!

Thank you so very much for dropping by and I really hope you enjoy all of the fascinating and inspirational spaces
offered by Karen for which we are truly 
Hoping you will drop by again soon!

Hugs to you all!

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